About Me

talia-wagner-therapistI completed my graduate studies at Pepperdine University and received my training in the non-profit sector, while later gaining more diversified experience within the private sector.  Working with individuals, couples and families, my approach focuses on improving the issues that my clients struggle with, assisting them in developing better coping skills, and a more positive perspective.

As a licensed Marriage and Family Therapist, I provide clients with real life tools and aid them in developing effective strategies, to cope with whatever issues they are facing. Past that, I motivate, encourage and support clients to make choices that improve their day-to-day lives, relationships and overall satisfaction.

Many people remain in therapy long after the originating issue has been resolved, primarily because they find value in having that personal time to focus on their life, frustrations and aspirations. Through this process of getting to know yourself better, as choices and behaviors change and become more intentional, they begin producing more positive results. Slowly it gets reinforced that choosing things differently, may yield different and often times, better results.