Individual/Couples Counseling

Individual therapy

Thinking about going to therapy doesn’t mean you are crazy or inept, just the opposite, it means you are highly self aware and resourceful. In making that decision, you take ownership of something that you struggle with and are actively looking for tools to improve it.

Many of us don’t ever get to the point where we admit to ourselves that we are in an unhappy or unfulfilling place. We live our lives, handle our responsibilities and just accept things the way they are, never really entertaining the thought that we could make things better, that it is within our capacity.

We all have rational behind our behavior, choices, attitude and decision-making. But sometimes when we make our move, it is without access to the whole picture, the bigger picture. By doing so we may miss opportunities, hit walls and have limited progression. Some of us have insight into how our choices and behaviors are correlated with the results we get. Many of us fail to connect the dots and thus awareness eludes us.

While therapy can be the place to bring your problems and deep dilemmas, it can also be the place to safely flush out your ideas and goals, to strategize a game plan regarding dating, saving, moving up in the workplace and all other areas of self improvement and upward mobility.


Couples Counseling

Relationships are complicated. Even with the deepest bonds there are common assumptions, miscommunications, a perceived lack of empathy and a resistance to compromise. Over time, as we grow and change, our relationships change and it takes more work to maintain a strong connection.

Many couples seek out couples counseling as a last resort, when the fighting, mistrust and discord have reached an all time high. At that point, both feel frustrated, misunderstood and are stuck in their subjective perspectives. In these types of escalated situations, therapy is used as a reactive tool, to try and fix something that is not working, be it communication, trust or sexual intimacy.

There is an increased movement to utilize therapy as a proactive tool, to help build a stronger foundation, enhance communication skills and learn how to work together as a unit. It helps couples intertwine their lives more successfully, giving them the tools to take on complicated issues such as finances, extended family, and finding the balance between work and personal life, without turning on each other as the stressors of life pile on. Building this type of connection maintains intimacy and sexual chemistry; it keeps the relationship exciting and the spark ignited.

Regardless of the reason you are seeking out therapy, be it proactive or reactive, it will inevitably move you toward self-improvement and that will have a positive impact on many areas of your life, be it your relationships, drive and motivation, or the confidence needed to take your career and personal achievements to the next level.

If this resonates with you and gives you food for thought about your own life, give me a call; I would love to talk to you.